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 "Mikel Koon planned and implemented the company's first Diversity Summit and External Outreach Initiative.  Her work helped put Intel in position to be recognized as one of the leading company's that supports diversity."

Gustavo De La Torre, Manager, Worldwide Diversity Initiatives, Intel Corporation.

About Us


Mosaik Strategies, LLC was started by Mikel Smith Koon in 2002 as MSK Consulting to advise and guide non profit organizations looking for support from corporations. As the owner of a community outreach initiative at a Fortune 100 company, her company had goals and objectives that could be addressed through relationships with diverse organizations. But it was difficult getting non profit organization staff to communicate with the corporation decision makers in a way suitable to address shareholder concerns. It was also difficult getting corporate decision makers to understand how to communicate with non profit staff in terms of what was important to them.

MSK Consulting, now Mosaik Strategies, LLC was formed to address this need. Realizing that there are mutual benefits in relationships between corporations and non profit organizations, Mosaik Strategies, LLC develops alliances between these two sectors. There are many facets to developing successful relationships. Mosaik Strategies, LLC offers non profit organizations/association services, corporate services and training.

Mikel Smith Koon

Mikel Smith Koon is an industry veteran who has the unique ability to create strategic affiliations and partnerships that provide mutual benefit. She is the president and chief consultant for Mosaik Strategies, a specialized marketing firm that builds strategic relationships between nonprofit organizations and corporations through the development of synergistic programs.

Mikel's background includes work with various companies in community outreach, advertising and marketing. Early in her career, Mikel focused largely on corporate marketing; however, her roles led her to use her breadth of experiences in companies ranging from retail to IT to create her consulting agency. Mikel is also recognized as a talented speaker, writer and trainer.

Prior to opening her own firm in 2002, Mikel held three executive-level positions with technology giant Intel Corporation where she negotiated and managed some of the company's strategic relationships from its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. One of Mikel's greatest achievements at Intel was developing and implementing the company's External Outreach Initiative, a successful program that helped lead to several honors for the company, including recognition as one of Fortune Magazine's 50 Best Companies for Minorities in 2002 and Hispanic Magazine's 2002 Corporate 100.

Mikel is a member of the American Marketing Association and the American Society of Association Executives. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina and a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communications from Hofstra University in New York. She enjoys running and has completed a number of marathons. She lives in Arlington, VA with her family.

Project Examples

Fortune 100 Corporation
The Problem: This company had a number of diversity initiatives in place, but was not recognized for its dedication to diversity internally or externally.

The Solution: Ms. Koon developed a high-impact, high-visibility, low-budget strategy to ensure the company's commitment to diversity was well-known both internally and externally. She developed and implemented the company's first Diversity Summit for internal visibility and implemented an external outreach initiative for external visibility.

The Result: The employees became more aware of the company's strong commitment to diversity, thereby increasing employee satisfaction and furthering its diversity story. The employees became the company's champions for its diversity initiatives to help bring the story to life externally. The company received a number of honors from many different groups recognizing the company's commitment to diversity to include a position in Fortune Magazine's 50 Best Companies for Minorities and Hispanic Magazine's Corporate 100 for providing Hispanics with the most opportunities.

Regional Health Clinic
The Problem: The Clinic had few corporate relationships and was dependent upon government funding, foundation support, and individual donations. Government funding was being cut and the Clinic needed to explore new avenues of funding.

The Solution: The clinic targets the gay/lesbian community as well as the Hispanic and African-American communities. Mosaik Strategies developed, rebuilt, and nurtured corporate relationships, especially with companies interested in these communities or interested in the health focus of the clinic. We also developed a corporate strategy for a more effective annual fundraising event by increasing the participation of major sponsors.

The Result: The result was a number of grants, to include an in-kind gift valued at $380,000. In addition, the clinic developed renewed and stronger relationships with sponsor companies and increased visibility.

National Association
The Problem: Organization needed to diversify its funding and reduce its dependency upon federal funds.

The Solution: Mosaik Strategies developed a corporate relations strategy to increase mission and program funding. We targeted companies interested in the association's industry.

The Result: We developed and implemented a successful corporate relations program and received a number of unrestricted grants to help fund the annual conference and a significant unrestricted corporate grants to help fund the association's mission.

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American College of Preventive Medicine
American Contract Bridge League
American Immigration Law Foundation
Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs
Association of Public Health Laboratories
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
Big Change Networks
Blinded Veterans Association
Brown v. Board of Education 50th Anniversary Commission
Business-Community Synergies
Centre for Development and Population Activities
Directors of Health Promotion and Education
Diversity Training Group
Epilepsy Foundation of America
Fellowship of Christian Athletes   
Hazen Inc.
Intel Corporation
The Math Forum @ Drexel University
National Association of County and City Health Officials
RTZ Communications
Simpson Communications
The United States Capitol Historical Society
The World Bank
United Cerebral Palsy
U.S. Department of Education
Whitman-Walker Clinic