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Increase your organization's value by increasing opportunities for corporate support. Corporations provide billions of dollars annually as well as in-kind support to non profit organizations. Let us develop your strategy to tap into corporate support.

Consider the following:

  • Do you spend a lot of time and resources pursuing small corporate grants?
  • Do you submit proposals only to be turned down too often?
  • Do you find yourself scurrying for funding just months prior to an event?
  • Do your sponsors turn you down for funding the year after they’ve funded you?
  • Do you lose the valuable potential of your Board’s network?
  • Are you needlessly creating programs to increase funding?
  • Are you wasting your time talking to companies that can’t support you?
  • Did you lose one or more programs last year that could have been sponsored by a corporate partner?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you might benefit from a corporate relations program. Take the Self-Assessment quiz to see if a corporate relations program is right for you.